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Normandale Chiropractic Health Center was designed to be more than just another chiropractic clinic. We have established a health care setting that focuses on the patient as a whole, not just their aches and pains. Our goal is to find and treat the source of our patients' problem. From infants to elderly, we have treated and helped all ages of patients. Please, take a moment  to  look at all the services we offer:Spinal and Extremity Adjustments

Spinal adjustments are one of the most commonly performed chiropractic techniques. When performed by a qualified practitioner, an adjustment is a safe, natural and noninvasive procedure.   This form of health care allows the chiropractor to treat the patient’s condition by correcting joint misalignments and restoring joint mobility.  Learning the art of adjusting is a skill that requires years of study and practice.

Extremity adjusting improves motion in the joints of your arms and legs that can suffer from constant stress of weight-bearing and repetitive motions. The lack of motion can manifest as pain in the wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, or by creating problems that end up causing spinal pain. Therefore, it may be necessary for the doctor to look at areas other than the spine.  Adjustments to the extremities are just as comfortable and beneficial as those performed on the spine.

What causes the need for a spinal or extremity adjustment?
  • Macrotrauma (big events) such as a sport injury, work-related injury or auto accident.
  • Microtrauma (little events) due to repetitive use, postural stress or poor ergonomics (work environment). An example of this would be carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Emotional stress or mental abuse.
  • Chemical stress due to poor nutrition and diet.

Normandale Chiropractic Health CenterWhat is an adjustment?    

In basic terms, the adjustment refers to the process in which the doctor of chiropractic skillfully applies controlled force into one or more misaligned/subluxated vertebrae of the spine or other joints of the body. Adjustments are delivered using our hands or through the use of a specialized mechanical tool (activator).

What is an activator adjustment?

The Activator technique is a gentle, low-force form of chiropractic care that has been safely used for over 30 years to benefit a wide range of spinal health problems.  The application of the low-force, high-speed adjustment helps to restore joint function and correct misalignments for those patients that need a lighter adjustment.  

Normandale Chiropractic Health CenterMassage Therapy

Massage has many physiological and psychological benefits. Its positive effects improve the body's overall wellness by reducing muscle spasm, tension and stress; decreasing pain and fatigue; increasing soft tissue flexibility; breaking down scar tissue and adhesions; and increasing immune system response.

It is our goal here at Normandale Chiropractic to provide a safe, comfortable environment that fosters trust and mutual respect in order to maximize the benefits of massage.

We strive to make massage an affordable and convenient form of pain management and stress relief. Massages are available from 8:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.


Physiotherapy is used to complement and enhance the healing effects of each chiropractic treatment.  We use many of the same types of therapy that physical therapists use, including, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, manual traction, moist hot packs and cold packs.

Nutritional CounselingNormandale Chiropractic Health Center

Nutrition education is offered to help you lead a healthier life. The doctors will discuss all your concerns and questions and will also recommend all supplements necessary to affect your condition.

Automobile Injury

As doctors of chiropractic, we know that a car accident can often leave people with not only acute injuries but, worst of all, long term pain and dysfunction in their spine and other parts of their body. If you have recently been involved in a car collision and are experiencing pain, stiffness, headaches, or even nausea, that may be a sign that something is wrong with your spine. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms right now, it is still important to get a thorough chiropractic examination to make sure nothing is damaged. Often injuries sustained from an automobile accident do not develop right away and can sometimes take days, weeks, or even months to show up!

Work Injury

On-the-job and work-related injuries have many possible causes.  Frequent or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling; or carrying of heavy objects; prolonged awkward postures; repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertions; and vibration contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. Jobs or working conditions that combine the above risk factors will increase the risk for musculoskeletal problems.

Chiropractic provides effective non-surgical care for musculoskeletal injuries, such as back and neck injuries; lifting, twisting and movement injuries; and repetitive strain injuries.

Exercise Consultation

We provide our patients with exercises designed specifically for them to help strengthen and support their injuries or conditions. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home or gym.  Exercises performed in conjunction with your adjustments can help stabilize your condition and accelerate your recovery.