Normandale Chiropractic Health Center


"I can confidently refer my patients and family to Normandale Chiropractic because I know they will receive great care in a timely fashion and that I will remain informed of their progress." 
          -P.K., Medical Doctor

"Normandale Chiropractic has been a sound referral source for my legal practice. Each client receives exceptional care from providers that are well versed in automobile and workplace injuries. Given my fast-paced career, it is a tremendous relief to know that my client‘s health care needs are being met."
         -S.T., Attorney
"My family and I go to Normandale Chiropractic for all of our spinal care needs. We appreciate the exceptional health care and customer service that we consistently receive. With a family of seven, having a place like this is a lifesaver!"
          -J.S., Mother



"The doctors at Normandale Chiropractic have always been a pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate their conservative yet thorough approach to radiology. Whether it is x-ray, MRI or CT they know when to order a study and what to look for."

         -G.S., Medical Doctor/Radiologist



"With the help of the doctors at Normandale Chiropractic, I have been able to attain a higher level of competition on race day. They have successfully treated my aches and pains caused by years of training for marathons and triathlons. It is important that I stay healthy, in order to maintain my rigorous training program. Thanks for keeping me in the saddle, on the road and in the water."

          -J.V., Triathlete/Marathoner



"The staff at Normandale Chiropractic is so inviting. They respect my hectic schedule and treat me with the utmost professionalism and individualized care. It‘s often hard to find this level of customer service in the business world, much less in healthcare."

          -R.L. – President of Entero